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Losing Winter

in samenwerking met Lynn Cazabon, Park Zuiderhout, Witte Rook en Podium Bloos

Losing Winter is a site-specific, participatory artwork and archive of memories and emotions about winter initiated by American artist Lynn Cazabon.


The project addresses the phenomenon of environmental amnesia, wherein with each new generation the changed or degraded state of the environment is perceived as normal, by preserving personal memories about the season as it was in the past in a particular location.


Each time the project is realized in a new location, memories are added from local residents. For the realization of Losing Winter in Breda hosted by Witte Rook, Cazabon is collaborating with theatre artist Anne Leijdekkers, working with community partners Park Zuiderhout and Podium Bloos. Cazabon and Leijdekkers recorded memories from residents living at Park Zuiderhout. These memories are the foundation for a performative and installation work they are co-creating with three young performers from 39 degrees, the youth community of Podium Bloos.


Fragments of memories:


Ja, met soms een jas aan, gingen we naar bed. Ja, want toen waren het echt strenge winters. Dat kan je je bijna niet meer voorstellen, dat het zo koud is en zo lang duurt. En dat is eigenlijk de laatste.. 25 jaar is het toch minder geworden.

concept en uitvoering: Lynn Cazabon en Anne Leijdekkers

productie: Witte Rook en Podium Bloos

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